Saturday, February 6, 2010

Wholy wrap!

Look at this bad boy. I got this from Mega Wraps and it was AMAZING.

Went to the mall and got me a new shirt but only after I spent an hour trying on athletic apparel only to g et nothing. Grr.. trying on clothes sucks!

Not much else to update. Hope everyone is having a great night!


katyainsf said...

What did this bad boy have in it?? :-)

Eating Alone said...

Yeah it does, but just think of all the choices that you have now. And I'll bet if you had asked others they would have said you looked great in them.

Wraps still scare me. I don't like touching food. Or having it leak on to me.Shiver!!!

lisalisa said...

I agree, trying on clothes does suck! The wrap looks delicious, though!