Thursday, February 11, 2010

Hey my laptop worked!

On a different topic, I love and hate Celebrity Rehab.
I love watching the show because it inspires me, but i hate watching because I hate the fact that just because these are D list celebs (not Denis Rodman) that they are getting top of the notch help with their problems.
I am pissed because I desperately want help.

Hi my name is Andromeda and I am a situational alcoholic? Meaning the min it hits my lips I drink till I can't drink no more.
This would be one of those occasions.

If i stop drinking right now, my mind goes to food. I have drank a lot the past 2 yrs. I am pretty sure I have a drinking problem. Granted I am not an "every day" drinker, but once I feel the effects of the alcohol I can't stop.

I rememberer not to long ago where I would purposely drink heavily because I knew the next day I would weigh less.

I wish someone would take me away and teach me. Even if it is only for a few weeks. Let me be around others that suffer. Please, let me hear what others say. Let me feel the support, the inspiration.
I feel alone all the time. I am tired of it. Right now, there is ZERO people I could call or talk to, including me own spouce cause I persuaded him into getting another six pack. Grrr...

Sure I will regret posting this in the morning, but I have decided to not sensor myself on here anymore, cause I created it to help, not make me feel like shit.

Im now going to go finish my 8th beer then go to bed cause there's none left; i will feel sorry for myself clear until i wake up.