Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Yoga and great eats

So today has gone pretty well, did some grocery shopping this morning, made it to the bank, came home made lunch, rented movies, cleaned, and now I am eating a yummy pita with a drizzle of fat free Catalina dressing, spinach, mushrooms, sugar snap peas, 1oz chicken from last night, tomatoes, goat feta cheese and 1tbsp of hummus. If I am still hungry then I will attempt an orange to help gear up for my cardio/ yoga class.

I am attempting to make a dish I haven't made yet this evening for dinner and I sure hope it turns out awesome. If not I will still post pictures and complain about it. I am thinking of restarting my blog and starting one that is more positive with the focus being on goof healthy foods rather then my recovery. I feel I am doing pretty well and that maintained recovery is closely in my grasp. Thinking of making the transition to word press. Any thoughts on it?

Looking forward to gearing up for skiing/snowboarding in a few weeks. I haven't been in years and thinking about it makes me super excited and ready to go out right now (even tho it is only 15 degrees out).

What kinds of things do you all like to do during the winter?

on a side note, here is a link to my OLD SCHOOL website from 11 years ago, maybe 12.

Andie_G's Crazy Website


Eating Alone said...

That's just nuts! It's 73 here and I'm putting on a sweater.

Lost in Obsession said...

lol, its 14 here at almost noon. :D