Thursday, February 11, 2010


Yes, this is me in the middle. I was the on;y girl on the team.
I love football and it is both one of my most happiest and my lowest points in my life.

With that said I was looking on craigs list the other day and I saw that their trying to crate a semi-pro team here again. I decided to shoot them an e-mail and asked if this was a men's only team because I was looking to join, this was his response:

"Of course its a mens only team. practice is at stocker stadium on sunday, 11:30"

My response as follows:
"Well what the heck is that supposed to mean “of course”? I played football all through middle school and was interested cause I’d like to play. Geez. "

What is with these guys thinking then can run everything? That I can take a good stiff arm to my helmet or a cheap shot from a loser from behind? What, I ain't man enough to take that punt return all the way back for a touch down while I jump over you arrogant ass holes?

All I know is I'm gonna be there on Sunday, with my pads on my legs or one in between my legs, ass holes.