Friday, February 19, 2010

Take two

So here's a test picture with my new laptop for school! I am super stoked but feel just like I look in this picture. I am tired, have been for days. I have a paper I need to write that I am completely confused on and lack motivation.
This picture of me also shows how I feel in my mind, two people, connected.
Anyway, don't taking a break. Would write more but I don't need anymore reason to not do my school work.


Eating Alone said...

It's 5 am and I'm 1/2 asleep. This picture is really messing up my head! Way too many pain killers to see something like this. At first it was really cool, then I started freaking out. I really need to stop taking the pain pills.

Hope it's going better for you lately. And don't worry about the paper, it's the weekend!

Lost in Obsession said...

HAHA David. I'm sorry I haven't commented lately, but I have been reading. I have just been feeling really overwhelmed and tired for some reason. I am glad that you made it through your surgery good and I hope you start to heal faster so your not in pain!