Saturday, February 6, 2010


Look who's wearing a snowboarding shirt everyone, ME!; and yes that's my daughter trying to suck out some lotion out of the bottle, IDk whats wrong with her.

Anyway, I talked with a friend of mine and I guess were going to be hooking up to go snowboarding! I am super stoked, I have skied before but not boarding. I am sooo sooo giddy about going and of all the places to go she picks Aspen. I am really nervous about learning to board in Aspen. LOL

So we ended up not doing the whole movie thing last night. I ended up drinking a whole bottle of wine and woke up this morning with a KILLER headache. I have ZERO will power to stop drinking once I have a sip or one glass or one beer so, no mas. I know i say that EVERY time I drink but I mean it this time.

I almost pussed out of going to the gym this morning but I changed my mind. I went and did some weight lifting on my arms before my Zumba class started. There is this little old lady in there that saves me a spot so she can watch me shake it. She said if I wasn't there she would not have any clue how to do the dance moves, I thought this was very sweet of her. I had a bowl of oatmeal about 20min before I went to the gym, bad idea; this is a salsa/Latin class and all the shimmies and hip moving almost made me Ralf up my breakfast.

I am going to watch Zombieland tonight. :D I invited my sister over for coffee/snacks and movie night. I hope she comes but I am not sure. I am going to go to Body Combat in the morning and then breakfast at Starvin Arvins with my man.


Here's my lunch: Grilled Ham, cheese and pickle sammie, a salad and half of an acorn squash. I also had some grapes. :D

Look at this good picture. I am pleased!