Friday, February 5, 2010

Bow chick a wow wow

So tonight was AWESOME; I got some GREAT stuff from the grocery store; I got everything but my almond butter because I didn't feel like driving clear across town. So I settle for Skippy reduced Fat creamy peanut butter and I still love it.

Dinner: I made homemade spaghetti and meatballs. Oh yeah. This is ALWAYS a hit with the family. Paired with it was a slice of Artisan Merano Italian Bread w/ olive oil butter and California veggies with 2% Colby jack cheese!

So today I did something awesome, I went through ALL my clothes and donated all the ones I fell are "trigger" clothes. These would be the ones I got in a size 1-3 in the "juniors" section. I realize that I buy clothes in this section because I am trying to hold onto my youth, but in reality I should be proud of the fact that I am a strong beautiful young woman that is on an awesome journey to incredible power and strength inside me. I should be dressing accordingly, like Angelina in Mr and Mrs. Smith, RAWR!

So I am going to start embracing all my new bodacious curves and dress this nice butt in jeans that are both my age and show off all the hard work I am putting into myself. I have put aside a little money to go buy me some new jeans. Nothing really expensive because I don't want to donate $100.00 $40.00 jeans because they are too tight.

Tonight I didn't go to the gym because my legs were still sore from weight lifting on Wednesday (funny story there for another time) so I stayed home and wrestled around with the kids and we did some head stands and licked each other while getting crazy to Rob Zombie. :-) Good times.

On a seperate off topic question to all of you who are recovering, does Acne become an issue for you and how do you deal with it? I am sure it is because of my hormones but all this acne is driving me CRAZY!

Movie night tonight, Gym in the Am.
Night everyone!


Me said...

awww red vines! babe, you are hot. And although I am not up on this, I have heard that the acne is due to the hormones starting up again in your body... do some reasearch on google to see what you can find.. knowledge is power All my love.

katyainsf said...

Yeah--trigger clothes need to begone once and for all from all or lives. We're not 5,7 or 13 anymore (most of us anyway...) It's difficult and I have yet to do it...How did you work up the courage to do it?
Glad I found your blog btw! Check mine out if you have time too. :-)



Lost in Obsession said...

Thanks Me, :D You got me hooked on them. Thank you for your kind words to. Miss you.

Katya, it hurts my heart to know that i don't fit in those clothes anymore. I found more in my dresser that went in the pile and another pair of jeans that don't fit (but oddly enough the ones in a lighter color do, must be the material?) that i tried on this morning and I started crying. I am not that strong, pretty weak in fact. I woke my husband up last night to come talk to me because I was on the verge of going on a major, and I mean major binge.

It comes down to the fact that I have ruined a lot of relationships, spend THOUSANDS of dollars, and wanted to kill myself because my brain was all F'd from not being feed. I want to be happy, play sports, etc.. I realize that I am more then the number on the inside on my jeans. You have to find that in yourself as well. :)