Thursday, January 28, 2010


So I went out to dinner and did really good.
I had a salad with no cheese or bacon or croutons with the dressing on the side. I ended up eating the salad with just pepper. I had the Grilled Talipia with rice pilaf and broccoli and only ate half of it: This is what was left. I had 3 glasses of white Zinfandel with it. We are celebrating my 27th bday that is on Sunday. I had a really hard time not eating all of my food (even tho I was full) and my sisters; I made her take it to go so I could give it to my hubby to eat tomorrow. I think I did pretty goos, but I wish ED wasn't present otherwise I would have gotten the chicken that was 7pts or the new ruben sammie that is very good served with a side of french fries. Will I ever get to the point that I allow myself such foods?

Anyways, heres me home and rdy for bed. Night Ya'll: