Wednesday, January 27, 2010


I made it to my yoga class and got in a tan and came home to this wonderful dinner: More salad like last night, 3oz elk steak and 1/2 cp rice with soy sauce. Very Yumm

For a snack I had some chips and salsa and it was
awesome. When I went to open the salsa container the lid was super tight so I turned it over and tapped the lid on the counter and BAM the bottom of the jar exploded and my new salsa wasted. BOOOOO

Then I went grocery shopping and got some greek yougart, pits bread, oats, and some creamer for my coffee. Hubby started being a dick and thus caused a huge fight about how he has no right to be a dick head to me for no apparent reason and that if he wasn't going to grow a pair and tell me what was up he could go take a long walk off a short peer.

With that said I am going to eat my 1cp of yougart and watch my DVR of House. WOO HOO, I love you Hugh Laure.