Sunday, January 31, 2010

Bday crashes, spills, and broken butts

After dinner last night we just messed around for a while. I got me a new yoga mat but didn't find a dvd I really liked. I got some new socks, and some Carmel Trail Mix. Yummy. These are my new jammies I got from my dad.

I decided instead of sitting on my butt in a movie theater like I always do, I decided to go ice skating. Little did I know it is where all the teenagers hang out on Saturday nights. I wanted to go anyway. Here is a few pictures. One is of us getting a beer right before.

So this is a picture of the huge bruise I got at the ice skating rink when I fell; not once, but twice because I was trying to do figure 8 spinny things. After the second fall I was done and the ppl at the rink were nice enough to give us a refund! So Im off to make lunch with my family. Much love.