Tuesday, January 26, 2010

ED lingering in my mind

I tried to go study and found myself unable to concentrate and re-reading the same dang paragraph over and over but not really remembering anything that i read. HE was in my mind, telling how unhappy I was because I didn't binge and that it must be pretty freaking shitty not getting to eat what I miss.
I told myself that if i was hungry I would be OK till lunch which was in 2 hours. So, I conquered HIM this morning. No binge, no purge.
For this small but significant victory over HIM, I am going to beat it again for lunch.
I decided to make home made french fries for the kiddos. I think I had maybe 3 to test firmness. LOL

I then made myself some home made stir-fry by starting out with one chicken breast sauteed in non stick cooking spray, then added it to a frozen bag of noodles, broccoli, carrots, and a few mushrooms. I saute that in non cooking spray and then added more fresh mushrooms, fresh spinach leafs, tomatoes and sugar snap peas. This was sauteed in some Chinese five spice and I then added this steak marinade I like that is lime and garlic but works
well as a saute and only 10cal per tablespoon. All this was added on top of 1cp brown rice to give this end result:It was AWESOME and VERY filling.

I am feeling better about everything and I am hoping that today continues to go well. I am going to try a new class at the gym called BodyCombat and I am excited. Dinner tonight is going to be a 5oz piece of salmon and a big salad! Maybe ill go get some yogurt? Who knows.


So, I was having MAJOR ED thoughts during lunch. I attepted to eating all of the food I made but soon ralized that I was full and needed to stop. So, I got up from the table and took what was left in my bowl and what was left in the pan and put them together, covered it and stuck it in a fridge. Ahh, but then I turn aroundand theres the fries I made. I started to get into them, then realized I was letting HIM win, so I took all those and stuck them in a bag and put them away. I started drinking my water but I was struggeling bad so after I dropped my son at school I came home, packed up my daughter in the stroller and out the door we went for a walk that soon turned into my jogging 3/4 if the time.
I feel a lot better. I got a good sweat going, came home and now were going to enjoy a nice cup of hot chocolate. I want to say thank you to everyone for your wonderfull words of encouragment. They are greatly appreciated!


Eating Alone said...

Way to fight it!

I'm hoping that you plate your food and leave the bowl's in the kitchen, that might help a little. Remeber too after you finish your plate wait a minute or two and then ask yourself if your body is hungry. I love the idea of getting out for a walk, but it does look cold!