Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Victory of adversity

So after my last post I was going to do my homework but I remembered I had a gift card to Barns and Nobel, so off the daughter and I went to go conquer some arrons (ok I can;t figure out how to spell that freakin word). I went by sears cause I really need a few new clothes, but all the good stuff was gone plus I am broke. So we went and got Grandy Skinny Latte with the sugar free Vanilla, and... one of those GIANT CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES!!!!! Dun dun dun.

But, I was smart when I left the house and brang an orange and my water with me. So what I did is alissa and I each took 1/4 of the cookie and left the rest for my husband and her brother. AWESOME. Once a sucked down my latte,orange,and water the craving to polish off that giant thing with 17grams of fat in it disappeared. :D Progress ppl, progress!