Monday, January 25, 2010

lots of posting today! Here is my snack 2 hrs later cause I was starving. Crazy!


Eating Alone said...

Are those english muffins? I love those. But I don't eat them, great now I have to go and get some. That was a total ED thought, Nope cant have EM's, too many calories.

It looks like a great snack. Lot's of fruit, a good milk, some carbs. Keep it up!

Lost in Obsession said...

These are Thomas Light Multi-Grain english muffins. They are only 100cal and they have a whopping 8grams of FIBER! They are pretty awesome for you. I topped it with sugar free strawberry jelly. Was pretty good. You should get some!

Eating Alone said...

Totaly gonna try it. I like the whole wheat potatoe roll. 100 cal, but only 5 grams of fiber.

My trainer had me eating 80 grams of fiber a day. My RD told me he was nuts but it's hard to ween myself off it.

Sorry your sister is butting into your class.

Lost in Obsession said...

I love potato rolls, never had the whole wheat. And thanks for the comments. Its insane how upset I got about my sister but my recovery is my own and I want to do it that way.
I tried to post a comment on your poster but blogger is being retarded and not posting it for some reason. I wanted to tell you i think it is great that you had a meltdown because it shows that your working thru. your issues rather then burring them with food or with lack of food. It is awesome progress.