Monday, January 25, 2010

Me, unedited

I decided to do a post on my face. I use to be one of those women who wouldn't leave the house if I didn't have any make up on. I always hated how light my eyelashes were, how flawed my skin looked and that my eyes lacked any kind of pop. As part of my recovery I decided to do a post on things I love about my face and learn to embrace what I cannot change (with out a butt load of money). So here is my picture, unedited in all its glory:

  1. I love how full my lips are and with out wrinkles. I use to be a heavy smoker and I am thankfull I am down to one every few days before I go to bed and that I dont have any wrinkles.
  2. Can't tell by this but I love how BLUE my eyes can be and how they are sometimes green depending on what I am wearing. They have an awesome circle of bright gold in the middle.
  3. I recently spent the past 3 months or so regrowing out my eye brows and just recently today shaped them up a bit and I LOVE THEM.
  4. I love not having my nose ring and happy to get rid of the last part of the "fake" me that was trying to fit in and be liked by everyone. Not as emotional as I thought it would be.
  5. I love that my nose fits perfectly with my face and that it has a very slight point that dips down and I think it is very attractive.
  6. I like that my face is filling out a bit but hope I don't lose my newly found dimples cause I think they are cute!
Well, that is it. All positive and I am going to end up before I start typing negative things! I encourage others to do this in acceptance of ones self and to embrace yourselves with love.