Monday, January 25, 2010


Does anyone else have issues with eating slowly and just wolfing down your food? I do and I honestly hate eating slow. I like to devour my food as quickly as possible. Hmm, weird.


lisalisa said...

I eat pretty fast, too. I am usually done before anyone else, and then I have to sit there and watch people eat. I think I just become unconcious when i eat and then I look down at my plate and it's empty and I'm like "hey where did all my food go?".

Eating Alone said...

For me I've always eaten fast. But I'm trying to eat mindfully "BLEH"! You do need to slow down and don't just inhale the food. That way you will not feel so hungry when you finish. I think. That's what my RD tells me. I try and take a drink after every few bites. And to put the the food/fork down between every bite when I find myself going too fast.