Saturday, January 30, 2010


So here's issue right now; after you have had a few to drink (wine in this case) do you eat when you feel hungry or not? And is it just because of the alcohol you feel hungry?


Eating Alone said...

Sorry I don't drink. I tried it once and I was not good at it. Forget perfection, I yaked up a lung. Since then I don't even drink wine coolers. I was 11, lesson learned.

But I would so go for it. It's your birthday. If your doing right 90% of the time a slip up or over indulge is not going to hurt. And come on how often is it your birthday?

Also your not going to be able to counter thoughts real well when your comprimised. So I hope you went for it and had some fun.

Katilexis said...

when im hungry and drinking, it generally means...well, i need food lol.
but if its not hunger pains, then its just appetite. i tend to eat savoury foods while im drinking becuase they taste nice.

but yeah, i do eat when i feel hungry while drinking.
i'm curious about what other people do.

lisalisa said...

I don't know about alcohol, but I have a similar problem after I take my nighttime meds. i feel a little "loopy" and it's like I just dont care anymore and I start eating stuff i wouldn't normally eat. I think what is happening is your inhibition is down and you do stuff you wouldn't normally do. I have read in magazines about how alcohol can affect your eating for this very reason. So no, I do not think alcohol makes you more hungry. I just think it makes you not care so much about watching what you eat so you eat things you normally wouldn't.
Actually, I had this problem with a xanax on thurs. I took the Xanax (which is a sedative) for my dentist appointment. After the appointment I binged and purged several times. It was like I was so out of it that i just didn't care, I just wanted to eat. I hadn't binged or purged in over a week, and I haven't since, but that day I just went to town! I think next time i have to have a xanax I wii tallk with my husband first so he knows what is going on and can help me not do this.