Wednesday, January 27, 2010


So I decided to switch things up a bit this morning and make myself an omelet. I am feeling pretty weak and sore from me class yesterday and I need something high in protein and carbs to get me going today!
I tried to do my school work last night but OMG I was freakin tired, SO I watched a few episodes of South Park and Futurama with my tea and called it night. I think I had dreams ALL night and really struggled to get up this morning. Must of been some good sleep.
So I decided to do this entry a bit different today. I am going to give instructions on how to make a great omlete. So here goes it.

I first start our with 4 egg whites and 1 yolk and mix it up with a dash of pepper and a dash of skim milk. Now you really want to mix it good otherwise you wont get that yellow color we all love thru out. Preheat your skillet on medium and spray with some cooking spray. It is VERY important to cook omelets at a lower heat otherwise the bottom will burn before the top gets cooked all the way.

While the eggs are cooking I chopped up 1 piece of 98% fat free off the bone Honey Ham, One Roma tomato and a handful of fresh mushroom

Once u get a good base on the bottom of your omelet you want to take you spatula and lift up around the edges and let some of the eggs floating on top get to the bottom of the pan to cook. This will help to keep the bottom from browning to quickly and keep it from being runny on the top. Not you can put the veggies on either in the center and do a cross fold like you would a burrito or put them on the side (as pictured) to do one fold.

Here I folded it but soon realized I put in way to many veggies. LOL So once I fold it I take my extra veggies and cook them on the side so their nice and warm to put on top of my omelet.

And TaDa, this is your end result. Beautiful color, awesome taste and very filling and all under 400 calories. I topped it with the rest of my veggies and added some salsa. I have a 100% whole wheat light English Muffin with Sugar free Jelly and one Orange.

My goals today are as follows:

  • Go to my Yoga class at 4:30. The stretching will help my achy muscles
  • Finish my Psychology homework
  • Hang with my kiddos tonight after the gym
  • Maybe actually watch a movie or the million programs I got saved on my DVR
  • Eat great, continue to eat filling, body fueling, great tasting foods and don't fret about having any screw ups
  • Drink my water. This is really hard one for me but I hate my fingers looking like pudgy sausages.
Hope everyone has an awesome day and I am sure I will post again Later.