Friday, January 29, 2010

Natural Grocers

So I went to the health food store today and really loved it. Its super expensive but totally worth it. I got 3 different kinds of agave for my oatmeal, almond butter, more greek yogurt and this awesome bottle of EVOO. It was very delicious. I made an omelet for breakfast and it was WAY better then the other day. For lunch I use a piece of chicken from last night and warmed it up and put it in pita bread with some roaster red pepper salad dressing. It was AWESOME. IO had some yummy organics cracked wheat crackers and some organic spinach and artichoke dip for a snack. For dinner we made home made pizza and it was a blast and absolutely delicious. I am going to post several pictures so here you go.

I have had a really good last couple days. Tomorrow my husband and I are going out for the night together to celebrate my birthday and I am really excited to get dressed up. On tonight's agenda is to watch the movie I rented and get a good nights sleep cause it is gym time in the morning. Night everyone!


Eating Alone said...

AHHHH!! I love the stuffed panda! And cute kids by the way. I love their little hands. So perfect, such promise in them. That last where she's looking at the food is great.

Of course the food itself looks about as scary as anything I've seen lately. I tend to be a type that seperate's the food so that they don't touch.