Monday, January 25, 2010


Ahh, what a wonderful nights rest. My husband and I are not big on cuddling, well ok, I'm not big on cuddling; but last night I fell asleep holding him and ahh it was bliss. I woke up this morning feeling refreshed and ready to tackle my health and live AWESOMELY!

I decided to get up a little early before the children so that I can write on you, balance my check book and look around online for the good deals on fresh fruit and fish. I am way excited about trying out some new recipes because cooking is a HUGE love of mine. I am hoping to take some classes this year to help brush up on my technique. :D (that grin is just nog big enough to really express how excited I am).

So, on the agenda today:

  • Make breakfast which will consit of 1/2cp oats, 1/2cp water, 1/2cp skim milk, pinch of salt, pinch of real suger(getting rid of spelda will be hard but it is soo bad for your body), table spoon maple syrup and some mandrin oranges. If I am still hungry maybe a yougart followed by a whole wheat english muffin with a tablespoon almond butter.
  • Anxiousily wait the arrival of my new phone! Ahhhhhh going crazy waiting
  • Do all the home work assignments for my Eng comp 121 class.
  • GO TO MY YOGA! Excited about it. After I will attempt to jog for about 20min and do 20min of weights. If I have time I will sneak off to the tanning booth. Tanning makes me feel so good and helps with some of my body issues that I have with my extra skin.
I think those are easy goals that I can accomplish. Last night I did one of my goals for the week. I painted my toes and finger nails and I gave myself a mini facial. I also took my nose ring out! I thought and thought about it and asked myself the motivatiion for doing it and realized it was for attention. I wanted people to think it was kinky, sexy, whatever.. and I realized that I don't need anyone to makeme feel that way other then my husband; so out the nose ring went. Earlier this year I also took out my tounge and lip ring so now it is just me, and my face.

I am looking forward to getting my nice hair back, my teeth to get better and my face to clear up and maybe reverse a little of the wrinkle damnage that has happened because of bad Mr. ED. I also took some pictures of myself this morning and although I am excited, I am saddened that my ribs are starting to go away. I always LOVED seeing them. It was a good reminder of the fact I WAS SKINNY. Now that they are going, I am trying to focus on that I am getting healthy. My extra skin on my stomach is hidious and I wish I could take a knife and cut it off!

Here are mondays updated pictures of my progress. Pretty sure I put on like 8LBS this week. I didn't weigh myself this morning because I know I will freak out. So, here they are. I hope evewryone has a great day and send me positive vibes. Also, if you have any answers to my questions from my previous post I would be greatly appreciative. Thanks!

P.S. Looking at these two pictures made me ralize that I need to clean my mirror and that I HATE MY STOMACH and the extra skin under my butt. On a positive note I should be getting my boobs back!


Kyle and Valerie White said...

Hey, I love you and I hope that you know all of us have that skin on our tummies. It's called being a mommy, and every time I see it, I try to remind myself how it felt having my babies in there, and how I would never give that up in exchange for a flat stomach any minute of any day. =) Hope this helps.